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Tree Pruning Guide, Tips, and Tricks

You must have heard all about tree pruning from tree care experts and there’s a good reason for that. Pruning is a special task needed to be done on all trees to keep them healthy and beautiful. Pruning also ensures that your tree is not a safety hazard.

If you want to know about the basics of tree pruning, read on. Everything that you have to know about tree pruning is discussed below. After reading this article, you’ll know why it’s important to prune trees and why you have to let the professionals do it.

Tree Pruning Basics

The experts prune trees in a very special way. They inspect every branch, especially the lateral ones, to determine if they have to be removed or not. Lateral branches have to be removed if they’re don’t fall between 1/2 and 3/4 of the stem’s diameter at the point of attachment.

The ratio of the crown of the tree to its tree height should be 2 is to 3. This ratio has to be achieved when pruning the branches of the tree to ensure that there’s adequate sunlight passing through it and all the plants underneath it. The branches that are pruned away are only the younger ones as pruning mature branches will only leave nasty scars. Branches should never be pruned too long or too close. Never leave large stubs or attempt to remove the collar of the branch either.

Tree Pruning Tips

There are many techniques for tree pruning. You’re a tree owner, it is best that you at least know all about them. Learning how tree pruning works allow you to understand your tree’s needs for proper care and maintenance.

1. Crown Thinning

Thinning the tree crown allows the sunlight to pass through. If you need to do this, you must keep all lateral branches evenly spaced out, especially if it’s a young tree. All branches that run or cross against other branches must be removed. Never remove more than 1/4 of the living crown.

2. Crown Raising

Crown raising is done to provide clearance for vehicles and pedestrians. Raise the tree’s crown carefully. You have to keep live branches at least 2/3 of the tree’s height. Removing too many limbs near the bottom half will leave the tree incapable of developing strong stems.

3. Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is performed only when utterly necessary. If you have to take away more than half of the foliage of a limb, then it’s better to remove the entire branch altogether. Prune lateral branches that are at least 1/3 of the stem’s diameter.

Tree Pruning Tricks

Professionals do tree pruning the right way, not right away. They first look for the branch collar and ridge before doing anything and use them as their basis for doing further tree pruning work.

When pruning trees, they cut outside the branch ridge and then they angle their cut down, away from the stem. They don’t injure the branch collar. They use this technique for dead and living branches. If you want to know more about the tricks of the trade, contact an expert who offers professional Brantford tree services.

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How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Needs

The first thing that comes to mind when one is to have a surface painted or repainted is the color. But there are other things to consider. Two actually. The two things that you need to remember when it comes to painting are the base and the finish. Both can greatly affect the vibe and feel of a room or exterior. Here are the things you need to consider when it comes to painting.


There are two main types of paint bases: water-base and oil base.

Water-based Paints

As the name suggests, this type of paint is based mainly on water. It has a light formulation and is easy to use. This is why it is the more popularly sold and used type of paint. Water-based paints dry immediately. They are resistant to mold and mildew. They don’t require pre-treatment and can be used on any type of surface. If you spill something on the wall, cleanup will be simple. This type is elastic, flexible, and won’t crack easily. It has a low level of toxic emissions (VOCs). The color payoff is stable and won’t fade over time. Water-based paints cannot be used together with oil-based ones. Don’t attempt to mix them. If your current wall paint is oil-based and you want to repaint it with water-based paint, make sure you sand it first with fine sandpaper to make sure the paint will stick.

Oil-based Paints

Like water-based paints, oil-based ones can be used on many surfaces as well. It has a richer finish compared to the former which makes it longer to dry. This type also gives off fumes that won’t be comforting. Oil-based paints cannot be washed with water. You will need thinners or solvents to wash your paint brushes or rollers. This paint gives a glossy finish. Application with brush won’t leave streaks. It also gives a durable and smooth finish that will be perfect for the bathroom or kitchen or anywhere that can be wet for easy cleanup.


Paint finishes can be categorized into matte, eggshell and satin, and gloss or semi-gloss.


The sheen level of matte paints is very low. It will not reflect light but will give a great color payoff. It can hide wall imperfections well but will give you a hard time to clean.

Eggshell and Satin

Eggshell and satin paints reflect light and have a subtle sheen level. They are also durable and are preferred to be used in places where cleaning is a must but not much light reflection.

Gloss or Semi-gloss

This type is best used in kitchens and bathrooms, doors, window trims, and at the exterior of the house near the garden. The reason is obvious – it makes for very easy cleanup. Among the three, they are the most reflective, with gloss having the most sheen.

If you are unsure about how you’re going to do the painting yourself, it’s best to hire professionals. They can get the job done and get it right. Contact commercial drywall installation Aurora IL if you need help painting.

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Benefits of Having a Good Comfort Room

No matter where you go it is common that we have the best comfort rooms or commonly called as the restrooms for other countries and states in America. Dirty and messy types of restroom would give a very inconvenient experience for everyone especially if you are going to use for a longer time or you would change clothes. This will cause also some problems to the overall septic tanks of the toilet going down under and this will result to a lot of troubles and septic service system. This is the reason why when you go to the public toilet and restrooms you would notice a foul odor coming from the different areas and corner of the room.

It is also very important for all the public and government officials to take some measures when it comes to improving the quality of the toilet and even the faucet. As time passes by, everything becomes modern and be able to upgrade to a more advanced way like using an automatic flush to the toilet or sensor faucet. Lots of people are using the public toilet every day and most of them they don’t know the proper way of using it as they always forget to flush it. That would result to a not so good smell coming from the urine of the people which accumulated throughout the day and wasn’t able to clean properly by others.

There would be so much benefits for people when they have a clean place to urinate and be able to use the function of the toilet correctly and nicely. It gives good sanitation and positive benefits for everyone especially when your stomach is not feeling good and your house is too far from where you are now. Aside from that, there would be a great advantage for the city officials and government in having this kind of way as to reduce the cost and maintenance of it. It can conserve more water and reduce the usage of water too much when it comes to flushing the urine on the toilet bowl and also to the faucets.

Having a cleaner public toilet would also mean of reducing the population of bacteria, germs and even viruses that may cause harmful diseases to the body and body organs. It would give a good chance not to have a smelly odor as well because of the sensors and automatic flushing system that could happen after use. Aside from that, there should be a proper maintenance as well to the flooring part of the public restrooms to keep away the dirt and stains. It could be very safe especially to older people not to have a slippery type of tiles as they can’t balance themselves well when the tiles are wet.

Having a clean bathroom or comfort room is not only applicable to the public places but also to your house. It will keep your place clean and free from possible health issues brought by the germs and other microorganisms that could be very hard to be seen by our eyes.

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