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Why Drywalls Can be Environmentally-friendly

Construction is already a very tedious job. It’s always better for you to choose a design for your home that is easy to sustain and is very in line with mother earth’s health and wouldn’t cost you a ton of investment especially if you’re that low on budget. This is where dry walls come in, drywalls are masonry Chilliwack services that are recyclable.

On the manufacturing side, the eco-friendliest masonry product that is usually the best option for homeowners is the dry walls since almost nine out of ten parts of drywall is considered recyclable materials. Drywalls have an exterior made out of paper and the inside of it can all be recyclable. Usually the recyclable part of drywalls are the newspapers.

Usually homeowners are the ones having a hard time recycling their drywalls. In Chilliwack, the owners themselves are the ones who have their materials recycled if they had masonry done. There are some cities that do the recycling of the drywalls and other materials for the residents but in most cases they don’t. You will need to look thoroughly or ask for the place from your local municipality for the recycling programs available at their place.

These recycled drywalls have many uses. Here are the following major uses of the recycled drywall:

  1. The idea is to crush the old material of the recycled drywall and form it into a new one. This idea is very popular in demand and everyone, even manufacturers do this.
  2. There is a certain cement called Portland cement. This type of cement is used in other building materials. Recycled drywall is also used as a component ingredient for Portland cement. Sometimes this cement is used to make plaster, stucco and other materials used for building.
  3. Recycled drywall can also be used at soil conditioner. This product has sulfur that can help plants grow. There is also calcium. This material when placed on an area of solid with high salt content can help neutralize it and will increase the growth of plants there.

The drywall’s advantages are usually pretty neglected in the construction industry and community and not a lot have acknowledged its wonders and benefits. This product is very versatile, not that expensive and it’s also convenient maintainable stuff that has outgrown its expectancy in the industry.

If you’re looking to add drywall in your home then you should probably check out Chilliwack masonry services. They offer a variety of products and services that would suit your masonry needs and not just drywall. They also offer Veneer walls, stairs, walkways, paths, fireplaces, the chimneys, stone masonry, repair and restoration, additions, inspections and maintenance, gates etc. These are just some of the products and services that they offer. For more information, you can visit their website to see some samples of their work as well as a way you can contact them or ask for quotes.

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How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Needs

The first thing that comes to mind when one is to have a surface painted or repainted is the color. But there are other things to consider. Two actually. The two things that you need to remember when it comes to painting are the base and the finish. Both can greatly affect the vibe and feel of a room or exterior. Here are the things you need to consider when it comes to painting.


There are two main types of paint bases: water-base and oil base.

Water-based Paints

As the name suggests, this type of paint is based mainly on water. It has a light formulation and is easy to use. This is why it is the more popularly sold and used type of paint. Water-based paints dry immediately. They are resistant to mold and mildew. They don’t require pre-treatment and can be used on any type of surface. If you spill something on the wall, cleanup will be simple. This type is elastic, flexible, and won’t crack easily. It has a low level of toxic emissions (VOCs). The color payoff is stable and won’t fade over time. Water-based paints cannot be used together with oil-based ones. Don’t attempt to mix them. If your current wall paint is oil-based and you want to repaint it with water-based paint, make sure you sand it first with fine sandpaper to make sure the paint will stick.

Oil-based Paints

Like water-based paints, oil-based ones can be used on many surfaces as well. It has a richer finish compared to the former which makes it longer to dry. This type also gives off fumes that won’t be comforting. Oil-based paints cannot be washed with water. You will need thinners or solvents to wash your paint brushes or rollers. This paint gives a glossy finish. Application with brush won’t leave streaks. It also gives a durable and smooth finish that will be perfect for the bathroom or kitchen or anywhere that can be wet for easy cleanup.


Paint finishes can be categorized into matte, eggshell and satin, and gloss or semi-gloss.


The sheen level of matte paints is very low. It will not reflect light but will give a great color payoff. It can hide wall imperfections well but will give you a hard time to clean.

Eggshell and Satin

Eggshell and satin paints reflect light and have a subtle sheen level. They are also durable and are preferred to be used in places where cleaning is a must but not much light reflection.

Gloss or Semi-gloss

This type is best used in kitchens and bathrooms, doors, window trims, and at the exterior of the house near the garden. The reason is obvious – it makes for very easy cleanup. Among the three, they are the most reflective, with gloss having the most sheen.

If you are unsure about how you’re going to do the painting yourself, it’s best to hire professionals. They can get the job done and get it right. Contact commercial drywall installation Aurora IL if you need help painting.

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